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Access management for every business

Cloud based access management for your business.

‘Access management’ is different for every business. Whether you are a shared space owner or a retail brand with multiple locations; our API is designed to be flexible, scalable and tailored for your business. Leverage your brand and use our technology to pass along the convenience of cloud-based access control and smart locks to your customers.

CLP for developers

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Clay lets you integrate smart lock technology with access control features for a seamless customer experience. Enrich your existing product offering with the Clay Locking Platform.

Clay for CoworkingClay for Student Housing

We have documents for co-working- and student housing businesses.

API documentation

The API Documentation describes each available resource in the CLP API. Learn about parameters, errors, and how to format your requests.


The ClayIQ receives all changes and settings from your application and ensures that all locks are updated within seconds. The ClayIQ serves as the brain of a Clay System. You can use this resource to add IQs, add hardware to IQs or retrieve IQs.

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  "id": "b90df524-10c9-46a0-a484-75e41997c491",
  "mac": "00-14-22-01-23-45",
  "operator": "KPN",
  "reset_date": "2016-12-21T15:10:04.752Z",
  "online": true,
  "data_sync_state": "synced",
  "signal_strength": 1,
  "customer_reference": "Clay office",
  "time_zone": "UTC",
  "subscribed": true,


Clay Doors are equipped with wireless SALTO locks. You can use this resource to add locks and tags, change the name of your locks, lock and unlock doors, retrieve locks or a specific lock, or enable Office Modes (Easy Office Mode, Manual Office Mode).

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  "id": "446sav24-10c9-46a0-a484-75e41997c435",
  "iq": {
    "id": "b90df524-10c9-46a0-a484-75e419971",
    "customer_reference": "Clay office",
  "left_open_alarm": false,
  "intrusion_alarm": false,


ClayTags replace that ring of keys. Tags represent a user's access to a lock. Every valid tag can lock and unlock a lock. Simply assign a tag, and define when and where that tag can go. Grant designated access to visitors, employees, or even delivery services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter.

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  "id": "ay214524-10c9-46a0-a484-75e419971",
  "source_iq_id": "b90df524-10c9-46a0-a484-75e419971",
  "tag_number": "0000000123",
  "added_date": "2016-12-21T15:10:04.893Z"


Access is the right of an accessor to lock, or unlock a door, within a specified time. You can use this resource to define access groups and manage access to locks, as well as schedule easy office mode (EOM), manual office mode (MOM) or allow offline access.

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  "id": "ay214524-10c9-46a0-a484-75e419971",
  "remote_access": true,
  "blocked": false

Audit trail

Audit trail is a set of records on a particular lock or tag. You can view the logs of unlocking, including tag entries and master key entries on a particular lock, as well as logs of incidents such as; alarms like Door Left Open (DLO), tamper, Intruder Alarms and Low Battery Warnings.

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  "id": "234rpc-10c9-ihgf394-a484-235tpsv",
  "type": "Remote opening",
  "utc_date_time": "2016-12-21T15:10:04.7Z",
  "local_date_time": "2016-12-21T15:10:04.7Z",
  "lock": {
    "id": "446sav24-10c9-46a0-a484-5e4197435",
    "is_online": true

With CLP you get more than an API; you get Larry. This tool will help you manage, monitor, support and maintain your smart lock solution.

Developer dashboard

Provides extended code documentation.

Support dashboard

Behind-the-scenes control to help your customers.

Commercial dashboard

Get insights about your CLP activity.

Your own app built with CLP

Any business, any door.

Industry leaders build solutions using the CLP API. The CLP API allows you to define who goes where and when in a building. Create profiles for users, assign or block tags, define which doors they may enter on which days, at which times.

By custom integration of access control, you can enjoy your own user interface; either a custom-built access control app or integration into your existing app. CLP provides optimization of internal tools, synchronized user data and access management of all your locations from one place, among other benefits.

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