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We are Bricks.
We built this together.

Clay is a wireless, cloud-based smart lock technology company founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam. We are a tightly-knit team of 25; made up of talented developers, technology lovers, and innovative thinkers. And locking technology is our business.

We work hard, play hard. We are honest, love a good joke, and don’t take things personally. New ideas are very welcome. Everything we do, we do really well. Always. And the best is still to come.

The Brick Culture

The strength of a company depends on its people. They are ultimately the ones who build the company’s culture. That's why Clay doesn't have employees - but Bricks. Bricks are strong, long lasting and together form a durable structure. Together we form the solid house that is Clay.

As a team, we work with structured methods. Yet each Brick shapes the company and its products. Working at Clay is about achieving shared goals, and getting better at it each time. That can be demanding for a Brick - but that's why we're solid. And it always pays back in the end. 'Work hard, play hard' - in its truest form.

“Our goal is to service millions of end users, with a maximum of 30 Bricks. The quality of knowledge, expertise and strength of the team should be that high.”

Rick Voogt, founder of Clay

The coolest gang in town

Meet our tight-knit team of talented developers, technology lovers, and innovative thinkers.

Chantal de Bruijne


Customer Support & Training Specialist, adores gin tonic, preferably two at a time
Arthur Schenk


Mobile Application Developer, Most likely to win Clay’s sambal challenge
Geert Visser


Embedded Software Engineer, Favorite dad of Amsterdam
Lennart Pol


Software architect, Knows no fear
Srilatha Kondapalli


QA Engineer, ‘Best dressed on Friday’ award winner, every single Friday
Rick Voogt


Managing Director, Just an ordinary locksmith
Niels Duineveld


Hosting & Software Engineer, He’s got the moves!
Kristin Pater


Online Content Specialist, The heart & soul of the office
Bart Klaver


Product & Development Lead, Sir scrums-a-lot
Christian Schmitz


Business Development & Sales Manager, Bike rider, mountain climber, Bratwurst biter
Darjan Bogdan


Software Developer, World's fastest lunch buddy
Vladimir Gjorgievski


Software Engineer, Suffers from tosti addiction
Medi van Broekhoven


Product Owner, Hates to build Ikea objects in his free time
Milan Vukosavljevic


.NET & React Developer, Big fan of old man slippers
Irem Tucaltan


Marketing Manager, Flamingo abuser
Ad Terlouw


Designer, Sonos god
Agnese Rossi


Recruiter, Walks puppies in her free time
Robert Vuković


Software Architect, Big fan of 'DitIsMilan'
Ronald Vester


Embedded Developer, Professional casanova and/or heartbreaker Unavailable
Roberto Martucci


Mobile Application Developer, Doesn't get offended when referred to as 'papediepoepedie'
Símon García Rodríguez


Front-end developer, Breaks bikes when he isn't front-ending
Kateryna Tokar


Back-end Developer, Nr. 1 in color-blocking
Sezim Kadyrmanova


Marketing intern, big fan of neighborhood cats
Dane Naebers


Back-end Intern, Makes his landlord cook for him
Clay company logo

We’re growing fast, and
we’d love for you to join us.


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is now called

With the acquisition of Clay by SALTO Systems, our journey continues under the name of SALTO KS (Keys as a Service) with a new website.

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